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Ambassador Hotel Bangkok Dining

The best flavours of Bangkok

Take advantage of our high quality restaurants and bars at the Ambassador Hotel Bangkok where you can indulge yourself with a unique range of delicious, international and local flavours for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Stay at this 4-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok if gastronomy is an important part of your holiday experience.

Am Café

Casual dining in a delightful atmosphere all throughout the day. This International restaurant offers a mouthwatering buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner to give you the energy to explore Bangkok.

Open Daily: 06.00 AM. - 10.00 PM.

Hong Teh

Recognized for high standards and quality of Chinese cuisine for over 40 years. Our skilled chefs continue to create exquisite Chinese dishes, and to preserve the original Cantonese taste. This ensures that every dish brings a smile to everyone’s face. .

Open Except Mondays Time: 10.00 AM. - 09.00 PM.

Lobby Lounge

Chill out and relax in the afternoon till late night. Slow pace with the music with variety of drinks and creative cocktails.

Open Daily 02.00 PM. - 10.00 PM.


Refresh or Recharge your day with choices of pastries or beverages on the ground floor of the hotel, overlooking the Ambassador Bird’s Park.

Open Daily: 08:00 am - 9:00 p.m.


New food delivery concept expanded menu of high-quality hotel recipes at reasonable prices.

Open: Daily Time: 10.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

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